How Schnabby works in three easy steps



     Browse the site and find comedians,      storytellers, singer songwriters and other amazing acts.



   Select an act on price, ratings, skills, availibility and connect with the artists.


Confirm the date, pay with card or iDeal and enjoy unforgettable moments.

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About us


We are a team of jugglers, internet entrepreneurs, actors, film makers, web-designers and a dog called Whisper we are all passionate about high level performing, entertaining an audience and creating a new platform by and for artistic people.

Guus van Kammen and Erik Borgman started the Schnabby project because they experienced what many artists and private party organizers experience today: ‘How can I find more gigs for my talent, and how do I find a great act for my event?’ We know from experience that it’s not always that easy to find each other…

Brainstorming about these mayor ’world problems’ they found out that many people have amazing unexpected skills and talents and that they would like to present them before an audience. At the same time there are people that organize a party where a ‘special moment’ would fit in perfectly. Connecting organizers and performers make interesting interactions between people possible; isn’t it great to find out that someone (maybe even in your own neighborhood) is a great musician or storyteller?




Erik Borgman has performed his high standard juggling act with five genuine footballs (soccer balls) in more countries than he has fingers and toes combined, toured with the famous Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Plume. Amazed audiences in theaters and t.v. shows all over the world. Won international prices at Circus Festivals. He did countless half-time shows in football stadiums during UEFA Champions leagues games and at the European Championships. Juggled for Queens and Kings, celebs, audiences up to 60.000 men with beards in Saudi Arabia but also before just a few kids in Ku-ala Lumpur because their old rugged football rolled incidentally towards him.   He is married, has two kids and lives on a houseboat.


Need to speak to Erik? Call: +31 (0) 653120687




Guus van Kammen is a multi talented, smart, creative ‘can-do-it-all-er’. He studied Economics and a bunch of other things at the University of Amsterdam and several other universities, Performed his juggling skills together with his twin brother at festivals and in corporate shows all over Europe, worked an adviser for a number of artistic companies, he is great in sports: has a black belt in Judo, played primary league American-Football (in Holland), did rowing, running, you name it, he’s good at it and more important he helped an old lady to cross the street last week. He is Living his dreams in Amsterdam.

Need to speak to Guus? Call: +31 (0) 624800399