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     Browse the site and find comedians,      storytellers, singer songwriters and other amazing acts.



   Select an act on price, ratings, skills, availibility and connect with the artists.


Confirm the date, pay with card or iDeal and enjoy unforgettable moments.

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f-a-q questions and answers!

Maybe these f-a-q  ’s can help you?

A: f-a-q     Questions for Artists…

A: Can I register more than one act?                                                      Yes you can; after filling in the details of one act you can click ‘list another act’

A: How much do I pay Schnabby?                                                            Your profile on Schnabby is absolutely free; BUT the moment you start earning money we would like to earn some aswell in other words of every gig you do  through Schnabby you pay us  10 %. Maybe take that in considoration when you fill in how much you want for your act.

B: f-a-q    Questions for Bookers…

B: The performance was terrible;  can I get my money back?     If you really did not like the show that you’ve booked for any reason, if you are not sattisfied, you will get your money back! Normally you agree after the

show that everything was  oke through sms so that we can pay the artist immediately, but still if you are not happy; we make you happy. In respect for the artists we will also ask him/her what went wrong…

B: How much do I pay Schnabby?                                                           Nothing…how much? Nothing!: searching and booking is free; the artist will pay us 10 % of his/her fee

B: Should I ‘tip’ the artist?                                                                             No need to do that, but feel free to do it if you feel the need…

B: Do I need to prepare my house for the act?                                     At the artist profile page you can see what they need for a perfect show…. dressing room, water, Blue M&M`s ect….:)

B: Can I have the artist number?                                                                No, unless he/she gives you their number, you can however mail  with them though the ‘contact artist’ option.

B: Do I have to review the act that I have booked?                            We ask you to review the booked acts to make visible for other bookers the quality of an act. So please do; Please let your hart talk! if you have trouble finding the words we can help you with it….

A/B: What are the rules ?                                                                           Our ‘possible and impossible terms’ you can find below…

A/B: Can I book an artist directly without Schnabby?                    Of course you can, of course it is possible, of course there are artist and bookers who would do that…..But we dont like it for obvious reasons…:)   a good reason NOT to book around Schnabbby  is that you probably won’t pay less, and you won’t have a ‘no-show’ guarantee…

A/B: Can I quit the Schnabby community?                                           Although we hate to see you go….yes you can just send an email and we take your info of the site and we’ll be out of your hair…


If your question is not here….? Let us know, make contact; we are here to help you!

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