How Schnabby works in three easy steps



     Browse the site and find comedians,      storytellers, singer songwriters and other amazing acts.



   Select an act on price, ratings, skills, availibility and connect with the artists.


Confirm the date, pay with card or iDeal and enjoy unforgettable moments.

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Help / How it works

schnabbyhelp :

How does it work?    

For you as a booker…

Discover Amazing Performances

1. Browse the site and find comedians, storytellers, singer songwriters and other amazing acts.


2. Select one or more acts on price, ratings, skills, availibility and connect with the artists


3.  Confirm the date, pay with card or iDeal and enjoy unforgettable moments


On the Schnabby site you search and find Unique acts, you can filter your search on price, availability, region, ect. You can make contact with the artists and book the acts directly. These acts consists of professionals, and talented amateurs.

You will see directly a picture, price and rating and what the artist does.

But of couse you can also scroll through the data-base and see what other great acts Schnabby has to offer.

If you are interested in a particular act you click on it and you will see a more comprehensive profile, complete with video, music samples, photo’s, bio, cv and reviews of previous shows. All Schnabby’s acts are screened on quality, flexibility and liability.

If you are not completely convinced yet you can have a mail chat, a live chat or facetime call (not availible just now…) with the artist to discus the posibilities: what you see is what you get!

How? Simple: you will determine the location, time and date; send a request to the artist. The artist will receive an sms so that he/she will respond fast. If he/she has responded you also will receive a sms….this way you can discus the availibility, If you are both happy you can book inmediately; you pay by credit card or iDeal and your ‘Schnabby-show’ is a fact!

After your event we will ask you to review the act; it is great for other bookers to read about your experience…

Of couse we have a No-show-or-I-am-not-satisfied guarantee for you; if you’re not happy we will make you happy!

Did we allready mention that it is free of charge to book an act through the Schnabby website? Well it is, for you as a booker! We do ask a small fee from the artist only when he/she is booked; we need to eat…right? J

By the way:

We will not share your personal data unless you want us to

And ofcouse you can be both; a booker and an artist


How does it work?        For you as an artist…

  1. List your performance and upload your pictures, movies and music on your profile.
  2. React on demands from organizers, make contact with them
  3. Start doing shows and be reviewed

You are welcome to present almost any of your skills, acts or talents on our website, joining the Schnabby network is ridiculously easy; Just make a profile; upload your foto`s, videos, music samples and start doing gigs! You will be payed by bank inmediately after your performance. And you will receive a monthly overview of your performances. If you are a proffesional artist allready you will receive an overview for TVA (btw) taxes every quarter.(not available yet…) Acts and artists will be screened on quality, flexibility and liability and the safety of the Schnabby artists will be secured by screening of the bookers.

We will not share your personal data unless you want us to.

After your dazzling show the booker will be asked to review your performance.

These reviews will be published on your profile to attract other bookers.

Did we allready mention it is free to create a Schnabby profile? No? Well it is! The only thing you pay is 10% of your gage after you are actually booked! We earn only when you earn…How difficult can it be…. Be the suprice at any party….suprice your self ! And ofcouse you can be both; an artist and a booker!

Become a Schnabby artist !




We have tried to make signing in as easy as possible….but apearantly we failed, sorry! If you have any comments or feedback to make things better or easier…let us know!

Maybe these (Not so) FAQ’s can help you?

A: Artists

A: Can I register more than one act?                                                       Yes you can; after filling in the details of one act you can click ‘list another act’

A: How much do I pay Schnabby?                                                             Your profile on Schnabby is absolutely free; BUT the moment you start earning money we would like to earn some aswell in other words of every gig you  do through Schnabby you pay us  10 %. Maybe take that in considoration when you fill in how much you want for your act.


B: Bookers

B: The performance was terrible;  can I get my money back?     If you really did not like the show that you’ve booked for any reason, if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back! Normally you agree after the show that everything was  oke through sms so that we can pay the artist inmediately, but still if you are not happy; we make you happy. In respect for the artists we also ask him/her what went wrong…

B: How much do I pay Schnabby?                                                           Nothing…how much? Nothing! :searching and booking is free; the artist will pay us 10 % of his/her fee

B: Should I ‘tip’ the artist?                                                                             No need to do that, but feel free to do it if you feel the need…

B: Do I need to prepare my house for the act?                                     At the artist profile page you can see what they need for a perfect show…. dressing room, water, Blue M&M`s ect….:)

B: Can I have the artist number?                                                                No, unless he/she gives you their number, you can however mail with them though the ‘contact artist’ option.

B: Do I have to review the act that I have booked?                            We ask to review the booked acts to make visible for other bookers the quality of an act. So please do; Please let your hart talk! if you have trouble finding the words we can help you with it….


A/B: What are the rules ?                                                                           Our ‘possible and impossible terms’ you can find below…

A/B: Can I book an artist directly without Schnabby?                    Of couse you can, of couse it is possible, of couse there are artist and bookers who would do that…..But we dont like it for obvious reasons…:)   a good reason NOT to book around Schnabbby  is that you probably won’t pay less, and you won’t have a ‘noshow’ guarantee…

A/B: Can I quit the Schnabby community?                                           Although we hate to see you go….yes you can just send an email and we take your info of the site and we’ll be out of your hair…


Schnabby terms and conditions:

We build Schnabby to make great, funny and beautiful acts findable and bookable for people who organize an event no matter how big or small it might be. And to make special encounters possible between people.

To make things clear we do have a few rules…!

On our platform you communicate like you would in person; so no rude language, no swearing, no sexism, ect. Schnabby is alowed to interfear in public reviews and messages and can remove them if they are against the law or not nice to other people.

Schnabby is personal, you are who you say that you are. We respect your privacy. Please communicate clearly about what you expect from the artist/organizer. Keep you’re the promisses that you make with artists/organizers. Use your commun sence and don’t do things you normally wouldnt. You are responsible for your own safety. You can ask Schnabby to advise you if you are uncertain about a situation with an artist, organizer or event. Every artist and organizer is checked on forhand on liability.

Schnabby heps and supports you with solving problems. We can NOT be held responsible for any damage or loss. If your things have been damaged you must contact the person who caused it. Schnabby is not perfect, if you see anything that can be improved or doesn’t work on the site please let us know. Since we have recently started the site it can be changed from time to time or maybe even not work for a short while. We might change or adjust things. Schnabby does not work with cash payments.

Schnabby wants to show everybody how much fun Schnabby is, therefore it is possible that we share information via Twitter, Face book, our news letter or other social media. Of couse you will see what we want to share if this involves you. You can sign in or out seperately for the news letter.

Schnabby is alowed to change these conditions if we think it is necessary; we will let you know and give you time to adjust to these changes.